"Stable" meme token backed by air

– No extra printed money
– Deflationary DeFi Token 
– Secure smart contract

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ShibUST Foundation

ShibUST system

ShibUST kills Terra with a deflationary
 ”stable” meme token backed by air and is capable of maintaining steady growth using its token burn mechanism.

With the ShibUST contract, a fee on every transaction is distributed to the burn address and the ShibUST Foundation. This mechanism helps to limit the token supply and increase the price and demand. We don’t need to be backed by the fucking dollar or have to create a stupid algorithm.

We start with the same supply as Luna Classic (6,9T) and it decreases with every token transaction.

The token has a 3% transaction fee on all buys, sells and transfers.

  • 1,5% of the transaction fee is distributed to the burn address.
  • 1,5% of every transaction goes to the ShibUST Foundation. The foundation is responsible for marketing, development and charities.

Double KYCed

We're having a Twitter contest

Get a chance to win ShibUST! We will announce 100 winners with the highest number of entries.

The pricepool is 34,500,000,000‬ $ShibUST

How can I enter?

You can enter by following our Twitter, retweeting our tweet and tweeting your own tweet every 8 hours.  By completing a step you earn entries, the more you tweet, the more entries you’ll get.

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Total supply

Presale BNB Spendings

No whitelist or bullshit

Just first come first served

Token Sale Period

29th of July 2022 - 30th of July 2022

Verified Contract

Click on the checkmark to see the contract

Fair Launch

Soft Cap 1 BNB

90% to LP

LP locked after token sale

ShibUST Foundation

The ShibUST Foundation donates a percentage of the transaction fee to charities like Best Friends and Four Paws and part of it goes to marketing and development.
We want our ShibUST Community to have a say in the chosen charities. Whenever you have any ideas for the the ShibUST Foundation, please let us know! We want our community to be involved and have a say in where we donate the fee-percentages.

July 29th

Start Token Sale

July 30th

End Token Sale

July 30th

Pancakeswap listing

November 2022

Launch social community platform

January 2023

ShibUST NFT launch

March 2023

ShibUST App launch


No, fortunately not. 

Yes, ShibUST is audited.
To see the details; click here
To see the complete audit report; click here

There is no max. investment. Don’t be stupid and invest more than you can afford. 

Click here to buy ShibUST.

Yes, you can send us an email: [email protected]